Microcare's technical support team offers a warranty and non-warranty service and support for every single one of our products sold, including Rimage product range (such as Everest and Prism Printers), And a wide range of MFDigital Equipment 

We also provide software and hardware phone support during normal business hours.


The Ultimate, Green, Secure, Scalable, Service Dependable Data Archiving Solution


FAST LTA Silent Cubes - For your Permanent Data

  • Worm Hardware :  Four Redundancies :  Three Hard Disk Manufacturers :  Internal Digital Audit
  • Cost/Benefit
  • Below 2 Watts in Standby  :  Low Costs, Minimum Expense  :  Certified Revision-Safe Storage
  • Modularity
  • Scalable up to Petabytes  :  Allows for 19 inch Rackmount  :  Software for Replication Included
  • Service
  • On-Site Service by Microcare  :  Hardware Exchange with  Full Data Preservation  :  Monitoring




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