Microcare's technical support team offers a warranty and non-warranty service and support for every single one of our products sold, including Rimage product range (such as Everest and Prism Printers), And a wide range of MFDigital Equipment 

We also provide software and hardware phone support during normal business hours.

Duplication and Publishing

  Microcare runs one of the largest in house CD and DVD publishing Bureaus in Australia today


No job is too big or too small !

 For a complete CD, DVD, BluRay and USB duplication and Printing Service, Call Microcare

Microcare is one of Australia's leading CD/DVD equipment specialists. We sell and service the world's premier printing and duplicating machines, so our Bureau division uses only the latest generation equipment and has the backing of Microcare's years and years of technical know-how and experience.

Besides duplication and printing, we provide CD/DVDs,

CD/DVD insert printing and CD/DVD packaging services. 

And if you're looking for blank media, we offer a complete line, including - BluRay, DVD and CDR and USB stick drives

All at super competitive wholesale prices. 





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