Microcare's technical support team offers a warranty and non-warranty service and support for every single one of our products sold, including Rimage product range (such as Everest and Prism Printers), And a wide range of MFDigital Equipment 

We also provide software and hardware phone support during normal business hours.

Rimage Surveillance System



The Microcare-Stingray Evidence Archiving Solution


  Microcare Stingray is the integration of Microcare’s sophisticated OrderServer

CD/DVD archiving software with MPEGIO card realtime hardware and MPEG1/2/3/4

Video encoder/decoder, offering a new level of real time video and audio

plus secure evidence archiving.

 System consists of:

 • High performance file server,industrial motherboard, Intel  processor

• Integrated MPEGIO encoder/decoder Cards – 4 per server  (Allowing four independent camera and sound sources)

• Image caching drives plus userspecified Raid – one terabyte standard

• Rimage CD/DVD robot

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