Microcare's technical support team offers a warranty and non-warranty service and support for every single one of our products sold, including Rimage product range (such as Everest and Prism Printers), And a wide range of MFDigital Equipment 

We also provide software and hardware phone support during normal business hours.

NexCopy Duplicators


USB Duplicators manufactured by Nexcopy.

Distributed exclusively in Australia by Microcare*

USB Duplicator

USB Duplicator - PRO Series

»  Create USB Partitions on Certified Flash Drives
»  Set USB Read Only Partitions
»  Easily Create USB CD-ROM Partitions
»  Write Protect USB Partitions or Entire Device
»  Control USB Serial Numbers, VID & PID Information
»  Reset USB Device and Remove USB Partitions

USB Duplicator

 USB Duplicator - USB200PC

»  Copy 20 USB Flash Drives Quickly & Automatically
»  Robust Software With Job Wizard
»  Data Collection off USB Stick - Ideal for Education
»  Low Level Binary Copy From Master Device
»  Bit-for-Bit Verification Feature
»  Plus all the features listed below!

USB Duplicator

 USB Duplicator - USB400PC

»  Copy 40 USB Flash Drives Quickly & Automatically
»  Toggle On/Off Read Only Partitions
»  Copy Any Size Drives, From Any Manufacturer
»  Use as 20 or 40 Port System.  Upgrade to 60.
»  Bit-for-bit Verification
»  Mix and Match USB and SD Systems

USB Duplicator

 USB Duplicator - USB600PC

»  Copy 60 USB Flash Drives Quickly & Automatically
»  Unique Data Streaming to Individual Flash Drives
»  Data Collection to Extract Content off Drives
»  Copy Bit-for-Bit From Master Device
»  Run Job Wizard for Multiple Tasks
»  Detailed Job Logs for Audit Trails and Tracking








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