Microcare started business over 29 years ago and since then has grown to become one of the leading companies in Australia dedicated to providing CD/DVD publishing solutions. We have remained true to our very first commitment – to sell and service only the best and highest quality manufactured brands available in the world.

Over the years, we have developed a special working relationship, a partnership built on trust and commitment, with the world’s leading brand – Rimage.

Microcare are the sole distributors in Australia of the new Rimage Maestro© and full range of Rimage Equipment

And we are Rimage Certified Service Engineers with over 20 years experience servicing Rimage Equipment

We installed the first Rimage publishing system for Telstra 22 years ago; it was finally decommissioned 4 years ago and sits in our showroom along with the first Autostar constellation. We are proud to represent them in Australia.

Today we offer the most powerful CD/DVD publishing systems,

We provide on-demand CD & DVD duplication, short to long runs in the shortest time frame.

CD DVD solutions for virtually any need, from TV companies too medical to archive and police forensic evidence systems.

With our recent moves into the secure USB and Solid state Hard Drives we are moving forward with this commitment to always be at the leading edge of what ever we do.

We bring together the newest technologies software & hardware to deliver true publishing systems that are powerful, efficient, versatile, and easy to use.

Our customer base is extensive and includes household names from corporate too government we have been at the forefront in delivering quality publishing solutions ‘backed up by the best service team in Australia for this equipment .

We look forward to providing our expertise to satisfy your needs and requirements.

Don Morsman CEO.