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USB Dicom Medical Imaging and DVD/Blu-ray Output
& DICOM Image Archiving

Media Burner, a powerful solution,and together with our USB Dicom Medical Imaging solutions it automates Patient USB or Disc recording and printing, while seamlessly integrating with any DICOM viewer.

You can efficiently produce Patient USB’s/DISCS in your hospital by using our software, which is compatible with Rimage, robots, and other devices. Conveniently send studies from your Diagnostic Workstation or retrieve them from your PACS to ensure a smooth workflow.

Media Burner also serves as an archiving solution for your images, allowing for offline backup to DVD or Blu-ray. With our intuitive Web interface, you can easily manage all tasks from any computer within your network.

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The pioneer in automated USB CD/DVD publishing: Media Burner

For many years, Media Burner,  has been our cornerstone product for CD/DVD publishing. It enjoys an impressive global presence with thousands of licenses, and it continues to serve many hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Media Burner by Perennity

Perennity Media Burner

Versatile media and robotic systems support

Media Burner facilitates the production of CDs, DVDs, and USB keys, typically in combination with a robotic system for combined recording and printing. We support all major brands like Rimage, Primera, including fully or semi-automated USB production systems like Rimage Maestro or RX400M.

The Hybrid Solution: Integration with Patient Portal

The combination of Media Burner with our Patient/Referrer portal option offers a unique hybrid publishing solution, where a patient can choose whether he wants to receive a CD/DVD (or USB key) or prefers to access his studies via the web portal with integrated viewer. From the portal, the patient can still download selected studies in DICOM or JPEG format, with or without viewer. He can also easily share studies with other medical experts (e.g. physiotherapist, second opinion).


Key features/benefits

  • Media Burner provides healthcare organizations with a turnkey solution to output medical images from any digital modality and PACS to a USB key, CD or DVD dramatically reducing costs compared to traditional film.
  • Combined with iMAGE Portal, Media Burner acts as a genuine DICOM server that stores medical images for subsequent analysis.
  • Combined with our Patient/Referrer Portal, you have a hybrid solution where you can choose a preferred output: CD/DVD/USB and/or web portal.

Media Burner allows users to define profiles based on chosen criteria, such as the type of modality, its AE title, the value of a DICOM tag, etc.

You can make the statement less passive by rephrasing it like this:

“We can then apply various rules, such as assigning a specific viewer for a particular modality type, anonymizing all images, or giving priority to the production of emergency cases. In cases where profiles overlap, we can sort them by priority.”

  • Media Burner supports USB and Disc autoloaders (robots) to automate the production, and at the same time personalize the media with a custom label, such as patient name and identifier, date and time, list of studies, etc. Images and logos can be added to embellish the printout, and almost any DICOM-compliant viewer can be added to the disk.
  • For USB media, an identifying label can be printed on a small label printer.
  • Media Burner’s intuitive user interface is accessible from any web browser on any platform (Windows, MAC, Linux).
  • Studies can be queried and retrieved from a PACS and then output to CD/DVD or USB keys. Alternatively studies can be sent directly from a modality or workstation to Media Burner.


Zero Footprint Viewer

Each produced disc comes with a selected zero-footprint portable viewer, enabling users to directly consult the study images from the disc. Diagnostic reports can be included and accessed in a similar manner. For those concerned with media security, media encryption is available as an option.


Adaptable Workflow Profiles

Media Burner allows for diverse workflow scenarios such as emergency discs, anonymous discs, dedicated modality viewers and more, through its flexible profiles functionality.


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Media Burner works with any DICOM viewer. Review your images using any web browser using the full-featured Perennity image Portal (available as an option).

Microcare - Rimage Specialists in USB and DVD Optical Equipment
Rimage RX400M




Thanks to its powerful Profiles, Perennity DICOM can automatically apply different settings based on defined criteria e.g. using a different viewer for a specific modality.