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Patient CD/DVD/BD/USB Output
& DICOM Image Archiving

A powerful solution to automate Patient DISC & USB recording and printing. Integrates with any DICOM viewer.

Perennity DICOM is the perfect solution to automate the production of Patient DISCS in your hospital, Our software works with any Rimage, robots, Send the studies from your Diagnostic Workstation or Query/Retrieve them from your PACS.

Perennity DICOM can be used as an archiving solution for your images. Off-line backup to DVD or Bluray can also be performed. Our intuitive Web interface will help you to manage all the tasks from any computer in your network.

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Automate and Manage DICOM discs output

100% DICOM Compliant

Perennity DICOM works with any DICOM compliant modalities and the PACS systems. Images are sent to our DICOM server using the network.



CD, DVD & Bluray discs production is automated thanks to an autoloader (robot). It also prints a custom label with Patient & study information.



Perennity DICOM works with any DICOM viewer. Review your images using any web browser using the full-featured Perennity image Portal (available as an option).



Thanks to its powerful Profiles, Perennity DICOM can automatically apply different settings based on defined criteria e.g. using a different viewer for a specific modality.

Improve Patient diagnostics

 All-in-one Solution

Perennity DICOM offers a turnkey solution for the medical industry to output medical images from any compliant modalities and PACS to CD, DVD & BluRay. It dramatically reduces costs compared to traditional film. Perennity DICOM also act as a genuine DICOM server and store all medical images for subsequent analysis.

 Advanced workflow

Perennity DICOM allows you to define Profiles: based on defined criterias (e.g. the type of modality, its AE title, the value of a DICOM tag, …), different rules can be applied (e.g. put a different DICOM viewer for a specific type of modality, prioritize CD production for emergency cases, …). Profiles can be sorted by priority.

  Personnalized output

Perennity uses CD/DVD autoloaders (robots) to automate the production, and at the same time personalize the media with a custom label. Any information can be printed on top of the CD/DVD: patient name and identifier, date and time, list of studies, etc. Pictures and logos can be added to the printout, even thumbnails of the DICOM images. Almost any DICOM compliant viewers can be added to the discs.

 Easy to use

The intuitive user interface is accessible using any web browser in your network. Studies can be queried and retrieved from any PACS and then output to CD. You may also send images directly from any modality or workstation to Perennity DICOM. CDs will be produced unattended grouping studies by individual patients.

Perennity Workflow Images

6. AET management
7. Perennity DICOM Burner
3. DICOM Server