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Rimage USB Duplication Equipment is an industry leader, providing comprehensive on-demand digital publishing solutions, including digital asset management, USB and disc publishing, and printing. Their integrated systems empower users to create personalized USBs, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs™ with durable labels in vibrant colors or monochrome. With over 22,000 global installations, Rimage actively supports companies in optimizing their digital assets. In summary, Rimage is a pioneer, offering innovative digital publishing services for diverse business needs.

Microcare Specialists in USB and DVD Equipment

Some of Microcare's Current Markets are:

Corporate | Finance | Law | Medical | Government


As a member of the medical industry, one of your primary concerns is managing a rapidly growing body of electronic medical records (EMR).

More Info on Medical Here

Law Enforcement

Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies use Rimage Evidence Disc Systems (EDS) to automatically collect, copy, review and export digital evidence to standardized and portable optical media, drastically reducing time spent on manual processes.

More info on Rimage EDS Here

Manufacturing on Demand

When you have an expansive set of data on servers, such as movies, music, audio books, documents, and other digital files, you don’t want to invest time and money in producing and storing copies at the risk of oversupply or outdated inventory. Manufacturing on demand (MOD) allows you to offer a much larger catalog of titles, including rare and obscure titles and those items with minimal volume, and deliver high-quality, professional results without inventory-related costs and concerns.


Banks and financial institutions around the globe rely on Rimage systems to manage large amounts of secure data easily and efficiently. Whether distributing financial data to your business customers, submitting records to meet compliance regulations, or saving important data for long-term retention, Rimage disc publishing systems will handle it all with ease.

Photo Retail

The photo services you offer from your retail store aren’t limited to printing pictures. You already offer photo books, cards, calendars, and other personalized items. Add photo CDs to your product line for additional revenue generation opportunities. In-store production means quick turnaround, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Rimage Maestro USB Duplicator

Microcare - Rimage Specialists in USB and DVD Optical Equipment
Rimage Maestro

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Microcare - Rimage Specialists in USB and DVD Optical Equipment
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